Defendis for Banks

Detect payment card leaks in real-time
Respond swiftly to prevent payment fraud
Identify at-risk customers with repeated card leaks

Payment Cards Fraud Prevention

Reduce operational costs associated with chargebacks and fraud investigations by monitoring the dark web and underground forums for leaked payment cards.

Advanced Leaked Card Insights

Leverage machine learning to identify and prioritise safeguarding high-risk payment cards.

Brand Monitoring

Monitor discussions around your bank and branches, detect payment fraud schemes on social media, and request domains takedowns to neutralise threats early on.

And much more

Reputation damage avoidance, improved decision-making, proactive protection, and many more benefits for an enhanced security posture.

Proactive Detection

Anticipate attacks, strengthen defences, and minimise damage.

Improved Response

Gain knowledge about the potential scope of attacks, for faster and effective response.

Informed Decisions

Prioritise critical threats with advanced insights of your cyber landscape.

Enhanced Security

Identify hidden threats and strengthen your defence posture.

Business Continuity

Protect revenue, reduce downtime, and minimise the impact of threats.

Faster Collaboration

Coordinate response efforts to combat evolving cyber threats more effectively.

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